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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

hello lovelies :)

Hello lovelies : )
wow super long hiatus. Masha Allah so sorry. Been busy, caught up with work & kids...
but Alhamdulillah manageable. Both of them just recovered from fever. Thank Allah im on my leave so dapat la jaga both.

Its the end of 2014, time flies when ure BUSY.. haha! Anyways, 2014 has been wonderful & of course not so great year. Theres ups & down, high & low. Next year Dinah will turn 4 & Deen will turn 2.
& yes she will be going to pre school! Ya Allah such an exciting things. I'm so excited to send her to school. To see her grow. As for Deen another 2 yrs then ure up! plus waiting for the 3rd 1..
I'm already on my 5th month.

& new year will be our 4th year anniversary Alhamdulillah, All Praises to Allah! I dont know how did I manage to stay this long.haha! But I know that I cannot live without him for sure.

will update on the schooling & anniversary later.. In Shaa Allah.
 nah belanja wefie from me & kakak

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^