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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eid in Penang Day 2 part 1

Salaam... Hi people! Still in Eid mood right? Goin to open house & collect 'duit raya' perhaps?? hehe.. too bad for me no more 'duit raya' since past few year... But yayy for Dinah, she started collecting... Planning to open account for her... In shaa Allah....
Anyway, this year Eid we all went to Penang for 4 days... MashaAllah I was excited for this trip...! Just needed a getaway with my small family... But this time my whole BIG families went there with us... Well actually we followed them...huhu... Since my sis in law's 'kampung' is in Penang... We can visit them also...
We departed on 8th of Aug 545pm at LCCT... Reached Penang around  640pm, the pilot was drifting or something because the steward told us that it will take approximately 1 hour to reach penang.. haha... Mr Hubs said because he is arab.. -_-''

arrival at penang airport

look at that cheecky face of the plane she was behaving nicely Alhamdulillah... just need to keep her busy with foods & books... At the airport my big brother took us to our hotel... The unpleasant part was we didnt stayed at the same hotel as mama, due to fully booked room & peak season... But thank god our hotel was not that far from each other, located in Gurney street... The sea was so near!
On the 1st day we just chill at hotel & at night abg took us to his in law's house for dinner... MashaAllah the people there were very welcoming & friendly... They literally drown us with foods... yummy foods!
Sorry no picture taken as we r too exhausted.... went back to hotel & slept early... Can't wait for next day excitement!

Tadaaaaaa! our 2nd day outfit... actually we are planning to do the 'salam-salam' session today... We didn't buy any 'raya' outfit, my jubah was a last min grab from #nabanabacollection check out their instagram yah!
shawl from Haya' collection, bag inspired by Celine.. Dinah's kebaya nyonya is from Aeon, shoes from Bata... Mr hubs shirt is from F.O.S.... simple us on Eid..