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Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Monday ^_^v

Hye people :) Happy monday! Monday blues much?? kinda, I woke up to a very weird dreams.. why dreamS? bcuz it was a lot of different dream all together.. phew! All I remember it was some sort like a zoo thingy with snakes & stuffs... Alamak like the old folk tales not a good sign if pregnant woman to dream of snakes right?? or no?? May Allah protect us from any harm.. Ameen~

today I am 39 weeks.. Alhamdulillah managed to go this far... So far contraction is very-very mild, & stomach cramping is very-very frequent,but no mucous plug yet.. But my doc said its not necessary that the blood will show before labour...
omg, thinking about it makes me nervous... because as u all know every pregnancy & delivery will be different than the others right? so I'm praying hard so this 1 will be normal also...
If according to my pregnancy calendar 7 days to go...

I can't wait for the arrival but at the same time I'm afraid... plus this time Ive got Dinah Nur as well.. As much as possible I don't want mama to do anything, she has been really helpful when I delivered Dinah.. Until today she is still helping me with taking care of her... & they are very-very close.. Imagine this if on weekends Dinah ussually will be with me & hubs the whole day... We will take her to the park or take her out & mama got her plan so she won't be anle to follow us.. Most of the time we will go home at night, meaning mama won't be able to see Dinah till night... After we come back she will take dinah to her room & play or she will request to sleep with dinah...see what I mean? I just hope that this coming one will be close to mama as well... Ameen~ thats the only way to distract mama from thinking about Abah & cry...

Before Dinah exist I was the one who will keep her busy..heheh.. Now Dinah will take my place... But MashaAllah so 'manja'! -__-"

Anyway, please pray for us yah? for a cute healthy baby, normal delivery & speedy recovery for mommy.. In Shaa Allah~

btw, anyone interested to buy this Rainbow Thin Cookies? contact me here or simply drop a comment here... ^_^v