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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dream a little dream of me

Salaam... Happy tuesday luvly people!
Happy working to those who is working...
Anyway, sorry didn't have the chance to update any new entry... Told ya abt my pc at work right? Plus now we have new policy at work 'No phone on the desk' so how to update?? Haha! Excuses.... Actually I wanted to update abt my raya open houses but the pics is with my friend & she is on exam mode, so have to wait for her.... All the best to Shiro & Athirah!! Gambate!

Well then ok, lets talk abt my dream... I notice that everytime I'm pregnant(which is just twice) hehe... Seriusly I will get nightmare every night! Scary dramatic type... Haih...
But anyhow, last night dream was very2 nice... MashaAllah...
What I remembered was I am currently running up & down the stairs while ep.. Awesome right??? Felt like a supermommy..haha! & Alhamdulillah the result was very2 impressive... May Allah keep it real for me soon... In shaa Allah... I can feel the +ve vibes running down my vain thru my blood..!
Please Allah help me... Aamiin...