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Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 2 month birthday Ayesha Nur

So it has been 2 month since I gave birth to my lil baby girl..
Seems like it was just yesterday I was pregnant & now here u are...

Alhamdulillah thank you for the opportunity for me to carry u for 9month & to care for u.. u bring such a joy to mommy & abi.. u are the 3rd precious gift after kakak & abg..

Dalam pantang si kecik nie xbyk kerenah.. jaundice pun xde... Alhamdulillah sgt2 senang jaga awak nie..

My 2month old princess

Dah pandai senyum dah..
cair tgk awk senyum Ayesha..

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Breastfeeding journey 2

Salaam alaykum...
Hello lovely..
Hows your Ramadhan so far?
Mine went well Alhamdulillah...
Still praying hard so HE will ease everything... In Shaa Allah
Its the 5th day of Ramadhan & I am still enjoying my leave till the very last bits.. u knw how nice it is to just wake up & not having to worry abt wat to wear & rush to work? Gahhhh! Im sooo gonna miss these leisuring day with the kids at home... yeah the kids cn be a handful sometimes but w/o them ill be lonely..
So how r u brestfeeding moms doin? I pray u are all well & enjoy breastfeeding... In Shaa Allah.. I still cant imagine how is it goin to be when i start to work.. my pumping session, will she be cying bcuz she cn no longer direct feed during the day? Masha Allah thinking abt it scare the hell out of me.. May Allah ease everytg..
I wanna share what I ate during Ramadhan for sahur & Iftar.. 
1st day 
Sahur  = rice+kari, 7pcs dates, tamar                    cocoa(hot), 1ltr of warm                             water, 1 glass of choc milk.
Iftar     = Murtabak daging, chicken                         rice(kids leftover), taufoofa,                    1ltr warm water,3 pcs dates.
Day 2
Sahur  = rice+kari, 9pcs dates, 1 ltr                        warm water, 1 glass of milk
Iftar =  3 pcs dates, roti john, tamar                      cocoa+ cream cracker.
Day 3
Sahur = rice & egg, 5 pcs dates, 1 ltr                      warm water.
Iftar  = apam balik, taufoofa, bubur                     lambok, kuih akok, putu mayam.
 Day 4
Sahur = rice+ vege soup with sausage,                  6 pcs dates, tamar cocoa.
Iftar= idok ler teman tahu lagi.. yg                     penting dates & taufoofa..
Yang teman perasan dates definately help with my milk production.. so imma stick with dates..
milk booster masing2 xsama yer sayang2ku.. rajin2 experimen apa yang sesuai dgn awak.. jadi mak xboleh malas.. lagi2 nk menyusu nie kena banyak ilmu.. Ive learned from my mistake..

Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan

Zikir banyak2

Always set a positive mindset.. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Breastfeeding journey ep 1

Hello lovely : )
How are you beautiful people?
today is my 35th days of confinement... yippie yayyyyyy!
9 more days to go Alhamdulillah.. Been counting ever since...
As much as I loveeee staying at home, but the fact that I can't go anywhere for 44 days just scare the hell out of me..
no really it can effect ur emotion.. 1st week I was so down & feeling lifeless & so useless as I can't really do anything on my own..
U know  the normal stuffs Ive been doing after being mom & wife?
cooking, cleaning, laundry.

When u have more than 1 child, confinement will be harder but not boring as when its just ur 1st.
harder in the sense of  I have to take care of the rest also so more work less rest, good thing is I won't feel bored, bcuz the house will be fill with screaming & laughing.. I mean A LOT!

u know that u are not supposed to leave a woman who just given birth alone? They tend to be fragile & emotional prior to the hormone changes. Seriously I've been thru that.. For all 3 delivery.. :'(
Hard to imagine right? People will say hey its okay bcuz u have experience.. Actually no its not bcuz every delivery is a different story & experience.

Amboih pjg mukadimah, nk cite psl benda lain senanye.. Anyway, I'm actually very excited to share about my breastfeeding story..
Before this I didn't managed to fully bfeed Dinah & Deen.. :' ( so sad.

This time memang dah nekad nak fully breastfeed si kecik nie, since dia dalm perut dah pujuk dia... kumpul ilmu banyak2, I banyak google baca blog & baca buku for breastfeeding.. sebab 1 thing that I learned from previous failed breastfeeding kononnye.. sebab

1. Positive attitude (mentally ready)
2. Knowledge (my dear ilmu tu penting, jangan main taram je ye, IQRA!)
3.Give up (I kan manja -_-'' pang diri sendiri)

Lepas buat research about breastfeed nie, Banyak benda senanye ambo nie xthu... Alahai ruginya sebab x timba ilmu cukup2.. Masa 8 bulan pregnant siap gi breastfeeding class lagi sebab mmg gigih nak exclusive breastfeed jgk.. I nak rasa how does it feel to breastfeed. & to give the right that my baby deserve..

This is what I am currrently taking as Milk Booster la, tapi MB nie lain orang lain ye... x sama.. So kena rajin2 trial & error to find out apa MB korang.. Jadi mak xbole malas kena banyak baca, eksperimen. Kena ikhtiar, ada yang xyah MB pun susu Alhamdulillah meriah.. Tapi as for me just for precaution purpose kena cari MB sendiri sebab lepas deliver memang selalunye I dun have appetite to eat macam mana I eat masa pregnant. Dia memang automatic.. So knowing that I need an alternative to boost my milk production..  yang tu hasil lepas 3 hari mkn Habbasyi oil 1 week after consume tamar cocoa.. Dulu rajin minum milo sekarang kita boikot! Ada gak try horlicks, tapi mcm xde kesan sangat..
 ya Allah 1 session dapat banyak tu?? sujud syukur terus! Dulu tiap kali pam dapat 1 oz pun susah.. sekarang Alhamdulillah.. Maka jangan putus asa okay 1st time mom or not please banyak kan baca & doa.. Doa mintak moga Allah permudahkan perjalan penyusuan kita.. Yakin susu kita cukup untuk anak. Jangan bandingkan production kita dengan orang lain.. Badan lain2.. So stay positive..

yang nie hasil for 4 days Alhamdulillah.. x sangka I mampu buat stock macam nie.. Xpe slowly nanti kumpul banyak2.. Janji kena rajin pam, ikut jadual... X bole malas.. kena selalu direct feed baby..
kena selalu happy, kalau rasa stress nak marah or sedih.. tenang kan diri dulu, calm urself down jangan paksa diri pam jugak sbb nanti it will effect the production.. ini ikut pegalaman sendiri..

this is the breastpump I'm using.. Single Electric.. Nothing fancy janji RAJIN... 

till then

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^