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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday sisyh! :)

gorgeous di atas neyh adlah my luvly sista... its her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sisyh!
 I pray fo ur happiness gorgeous always... muah!

memang da lame da na blanje since i ady work me & my hubby pown bawak ler beliau ke Seoul Garden kt Plaza Pantai...

neyh entrance dye...korean bbq steamboat...dun worry, its halal syg :)

hehe...kami yg lapa gyla oooo....

terliur ta korang??? too! mmg sgt2 TASTEEE!!

bbq chicken,beef,fish & prawn... yummy!

neyh bkn cake ooo...adalah pulut kuning buatan mama oukayh...nampak ta dlm box sblh cake tu? gift fo my sisyh... :)

see???? prawn skin yg my hubby kopek kan...hikhik...gedik kaw oooo...

haha....licin u ollz!!!

best oukayh mkn kt sni....puas haty inshaAllah!

lastly, na gedik tepek pic kami

p/s : na ta voucher mkn kt seoul Garden neyh??? jowm join contest NEYH

sy menang moto!

yayyyyyyy! sy menang moto! ouh oukayh tipuuuuuu.... ekceli menang 1 contest neyh... alarh yg Anggunnya Wanita Berhijab tu??? igt ta? jap2, click SINI fo d entry... :)
homaigod!!!!!!! excited gyla oukayh.... alhamdulillah kire rezeki larh neyh...congrats to all winner...gorgeous sgt :)

My Style My Way Contest by Nina Zee ^_^v

hye again sweety :) last entry i've wrote about my intention of doing a contest ryte? so here goes....

my 1st contest... d things that u need to do are :

1. put this banner in ur entry & ur sidebar ^_^
2.then write an entry about ur style, a bit or more about can be about ur shawl, clothing, shoes & etc...
3. attach a pic of u in d most stylish way....
4.then leave ur url @ tiz entry...
5.d closing date is next week sunday (16/4) 12pm...^_^v

d prize is.........

have u ever been to Seoul Garden??? well, m giving away a RM20 voucher to dine in at Seoul Garden.. yippie!!!!

seoul garden is a steamboat & bbq place.....niceeeeee!
really guys u shud try.... :)

jowm join contest jowm?

hye allz! lame oke ta update... disebabkan oleh kesibukkan keje & rutin seharian..... since menjadi surirumah full time neyh da tade idea sgt nma update so senyap jee...

anyway, actually na bwat contest neyh..eceh! sibuk jee org bwat contest hang pown gatai na bwat.... alorh sajee larh na bg smtg kt my reader...if u allz na.... tp na bwat contest ap eyh??? ta tpk lagy....
naty larh da ad idea kite bwat entry about 1st contest Ninazee's blog oukayh kwn2.. :)