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Friday, June 29, 2012


busy & lapa....

Monday, June 25, 2012


been trying to do this since log time ago...
so here goes

1. 3 names in your inbox cellphone
   - Hubbyqu Hearty
   - Mama

2. your main ringtone
   -Danza Kuduro by Don omar feat Lucenzo

3.What u did @ 12 last night?
   - Sleeping

4. Who was the last person u went out with? where?
    -Mr Hubby. KLCC

5. The colour of T-shirt you're wearing now?
   - not actually T-shirt but RED

6. The last Thing u did?

7. 3 of your everyday favourite items?
   - my kitty blackberry
   - my Clarks wedges
   - my hijab

8. The colour of your bedroom?
   - PURPLE! :)

9. How much money you have in your wallet now?
   -hmmm...though one... RM 32(end of the month : ( )

10. Favourite song?
     - NajwaLatif-Kosong

11. What will u do next weekend?
     - groceries shopping & jalan2 with Mr Hubby & BumBum <3

12. When was the last time u saw ur mum?
      - urmmmm... this morning

13. Where is she now?
     -at home

14. When was the last time u talked to ur parents?
     - my mum? this morning
     - my dad? almost 6 years ago.. : ( (he is no longer with us)

15. Who was the last person texted u?
     -my customer :)

16. Where did u have ur dinner last nite?

17.  The last suprise?
     - 7th June (marie claire bag!)

18. Last thing u borrowed from ur fren?

19. who is ur bf/gf, husband/wife?
      -Mr IJM, Hubbyqu Hearty

20. What do u feel now?

21. Wanna share with who?
      -whoever that is sleepy

22.  Who knows ur secret?
       - my bff ,Mr Hubby

23. They keep ur secret?

24. Are u angry with someone?
     - yes!

25. What do u order at Mcd?
      - usually Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe/Double Cheese Burger

26. Last time u feel so sad
     - hmmm.... when my dad passed away :'( he was my hero my idol

27. Your wish for 2morrow?
 - I wish a happy,healthy & life full with Barakah for everyone. especially my family ^_^v

28. who will u tag?
     Puan Ana ^_^
     Cik Ath  -_-

p/s : cant wait gaji...TGI here I come!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

my sunday

hye dearest...
happy sunday people...
I believe most of u are still in bed or leisuring at home or mb even staying home with ur beloved family...
what a nice day right?
mine? in the office doing follow up...gotta finish my report....
penat laaaa woiiiii....
I need a holiday... : (

btw yesterday was nice... after work went staright to kopitiam by lrt & mama was kind enough to dropped my bumbum there...
weeeee~then off we go to kopitiam....we were the earliest...
hek eleh konon2 je....

we ate... & ate...phew!
sedap hoiii...
picca ada but tak transfer lagi...
soon inshaallah....
tunggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.......... ok?

ok bai luvly!

Friday, June 22, 2012

our day out

morning ^_^v
last sunday me,hubby & our bumbum went to Times Square..
for a day out...

just arrived

daddy was a bit hung over from lack of sleep so jom stop by Toast Box!
adorable cafe...

feeding her princess cake!

make sure that its soft enough for her..sweet ain't it?


make up much?



mommy & me 

my gemuk!

adorable ever!

p/s : planning for smtg extra special inshaallah

Monday, June 18, 2012

purederm mask

my previous entry was about mask right?
that was Etude House's...
so today I wanna share this other awesome brand...


Mineral Water Collagen mask
very soothing..

Pearl Essence mask
gave u radiant & smooth skin

both are my favourite..

mask maniac

hi, it's been a while since the last update...

yesterday was our day out with my hubby & lil bumbum...
will update picture later yah... now I want to share with u pretty ladies...
about mask...
facial mask...

Etude House mask

moisturizing mask

whitening mask

mask for men...rejuvenate
all this for only RM15 for the 5 masks 
& RM4 for the men's...

 i'm loving mask now...not only helps my skin to glow but also a very good therapy...

P/s : please pray for my mum...thanks in advance

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christmas tree much?

friday...a very special day for muslim....

warming up

as always :p

gaya bebas?

what I wore?
dirty blue skinny
fishtail dress
ocean blue cardigan
electric blue bawal akel
clarke wedges

p/s : auto publish at work...pfffft!

snow white

been bz with work & dealing with emotion
we're actually planning for smtg....
can't wait!

black palazzo pants
long sleeves black & white blouse
off white cardigan
x10der(since the blouse were too short
clarke wedges (bought in sogo 70% sales!)
moo moo pashmina

seriously to pair my outfit wit mr hubby is not very easy bcuz his colour choice are very limited... time for dear hubby???


pink & greyish blue


dark blue maxi dress (turn into skirt)
light grey inner
dark grey batwing blouse
multi dye chiffon shawl

p/s: hurry n go to nearest clinique & change those old mascara of urs! malaysia only

Monday, June 11, 2012

9th June

whats up with the title?
well actually 9th June was my hubby's birthday...
29th to be exact...

nuthin special really just a very small celebration...

a pumpkin pie
chocolate bouquet(handmade by mama)
card from Memory Lane
fabric flower
BUM t-shirt

dear hubby wanted this tee so bad..& I was like no need lah next time je...hehe but actually dah plan nak beli...tricky ey?

the birthday boy & the wifey?

priceless -_-

my bumbum!

Happy Birthday baby...
May Allah give u endless happiness & good health...
Allah's willing~

mascara anyone?

since the HFW already over so now back to my old boring life....
talking about make up...
among those make up thingy my personal favourite will be mascara & eyeliner...
I believe u do too right?
I've been using mascara since i was 15...boooo!

I used Silkygirls, Maybelline, Avon.....
I gotta say I'm a bit particular about the price wise...heee~
I will definately choose cheapest 1...
those brands that I used b4 is under 20myr....

I'm trying this baby out

from Rimmel...
MYR17 if I'm not mistaken...
so far ok...too early to say...

p/s : Clinique is currently having this awesome promotion... just go to any clinique counter with ur old mascara of any brand & get 1 clinique mascara for FREE!

what a shame

hye sisters...a very slow day 2day...
actually I just wanted to say please don't toy with religion...
really thats not a very wise things to do...
looking around observing... I feel a tight uneasy feeling within me....
my dearest,
the point of us wearing hijab is to cover the head...yes...thats the initial understanings of most of us...
but actually u need to cover ur eyes, ur heart, ur ears & ur mouth....
not a very easy job but try....

slowly absorb the fact that a hijab women are supposed to put the religion level up high above....
not just put it under ur shoes & frequently step on it....
what a shame....
when u wear hijab but wears short sleeves....
what a shame.....
when u wear hijab but tight clothes....
what a shame....
when u wear hijab but ur neck is see thru....
what a shame .....
when u wear hijab but ur hair is out just because u just did rebonding..blablablabla
really WHAT A SHAME!

our prophet fight for us women & carry us high...
rather than die burried alive when ur family doesnt want u...
because back then to be a girl is such a shame....
now ure free to be what u want to be...
ure lucky to be able to study...
ur parents are so proud to know that if ure a lil baby girl....

for Allah's sake u shouldnt take that for granted...
cover urself up...
be proud to carry Islam....

may Allah be with us always...aamin~

Friday, June 8, 2012

HFW Week May DAY 7 `Style Crush`

this is my most favourite theme...!
to pick a single person that I adore will be a bit hard..
as I have a LOT! :p

but I'm gonna Choose 2 persons...
Local & International ^_^
Shea Rasol &  Dian Pelangi

these both are the most successful fashion icon...
both of them have their own boutique & labels

obviously its kinda challenge for me to copy & alter their style to suits mine...
anyhow I manage to combine here & there : )

here goes nothing for

HFW Week May Day 7
~Style Crush~


maxi skirt
black n pink stripe t-shirt
pink knitted cardigan

(don't mind the baby bump ^_^)

click HERE to join

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HFW -Week May Day 6 'Date Night'

Salam.... hello dearest = )
to go out on a date with my dear hubby needs a proper planning..
since our lil precious princess is only few month old...
usually we will go for movies or dinner...
just to spend few hours together...
that really help to maintain the relationship.... Insha Allah
especially if you're married..

HFW Week May Day 6
~Date Night~

black jersey maxi skirt
X10der-black short skirt( to cover ur lower part)
red apple Lycra batwing
black lace hand socks
inner + inner neck
printed bawal
 red large envelope clutch
black suede wedges

& my happy face eager to go out with Mr Hubby ^_^v

wanna join? click HERE