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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alya plain chiffon

Hi pretty..
I'm selling this Chiffon XL Shawl..
Can cover ur chest.. :)
If interested pls email me at
Limited stock 1 colour only 1 pc..
Selling FAST!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kenangan terindah

Td dpr sms from maxis..
Teringat waktu dahulu..eceh!
Smpai merah telinga weyh..
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merdeka ph

hi luvly : ) at the office now...mood : still in holiday....
I think I might left 10% of me @ about that?
planning for another vacation inshaallah...
this time nak make sure all of us shat inshaallah to travel...
by that time my angel mesty dah besar..heheh...sukeeeeee....

anyhow, looking forward for the Merdeka public holidayyyy!

merdeka nanti boleh tak nak jalan2? (batting eyelashes kt Mr IJM)
nak mkn2 nak shopping2...eyh!hehehe....
lunch nak mkn apa?lalalalal~
bosan dah klcc ni...haish....

tgh gila chiffon xL shawl  :)

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ha! Asal ngidam jek mesty tanye preggy ke...
Lameeeee lagy laa...
Dinah kecik laie..Tggu la lamo sket..
Seriusly!Craving for this choc! :(
Grrrrrrr..kt sini mahai woiii..RM8.00++
Dlm sket je.. But heaven wa ckp lu..
Hubby asek suh beli jeee...
Gemuk naty laaaa..
Ate kalau pegi langkawi 'choc heaven' bukan?
Maka ayuh la Mr IJM..(Batting eyelashes)
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Monday, August 27, 2012

our one day trip

5th raya we went to Gohtong jaya to eat Fish Head Curry
we used to go there with abah...

 freelance model






mommy & me

after that we all headed to Colmar Tropika

like in a story book right? those old2 knight movie..


parking lot

fountain pun ok

we went there for a day trip...
since hubby wanted to see the place...
my advice please bring ur own water, food...
cuz its freaking expensive there!!!

1 tin of coke = rm6.50!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Raya Outfit-Day 1

hi lovely...
baru nk upload pic raya...huhu..
sorry for the delay...
actually Mr IJM me & Lil Dinah was unwell these few days...

us :)
our theme colour

our Lil Dinah


Baju kurung for bambam

Daddy & Baby

my precious!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sorry for the looonnng hiatus

Its been awhile since I wrote :(
Just came back from cuti-cuti msia.. : )
Malacca! Bandaraya bersejarah...
Had a best time with my fams... Weeehuuuu
Picca coming sooon yah!
Now getting ready for work...sob3 :'(
Nak cuti lagi laaaaaaa...
Next week woR,suda kelije..
2day went to open house.. Mr IJM's family fren.. Bro In Law pick us up..tq!
Mkn mkn mkn AGAIN! Yayyyyyy! Its all about food..

2moro ada walimah..weeeee~

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Mubarak

hi lovelies...
Eid Mubarak!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Syurga isteri

Entry b4 raya...
I wanted to blog abt this long time ago tp lupa...

I still remember the time when he proposed me.. :')
I thot it was a 'hey wanna be my girl?' U know those plain..hmm I'm bored I want a gf things like tht.. Bcuz him in college is a well-known drifter...but now Alhamdulillah.. The crown is down.. & he also smoke! Yikes! That's a BIG no-no for me.. But we managed to get rid of that Alhamdulillah again..

& now we are 1..halal..
As me struggling to be a wife & a mother..
Its not easy..
I love babies! :)
When its ur own it makes a BIG different..

The responsibility as a WIFE is not smtg I wanna toy with..
If ur husband is please with u Inshaallah Jannah awaits u..I'm aiming for that..
My dad once said 'nina, kalau dah kawen nanti kena taat suami..abah dgn mama dh jatuh num 3..jgn melawan..neraka tmpat nina nanti,lagi 1.. Jangan bangga kalau jawatan atau gaji lagi besar dari suami.. Jangan bangga sebab mampu nak sara diri.. Jangan igt duit tu duit kita jd kita bangga.. Jangan pandang rendah suami.. Skrg redha Allah ada pd redha abah dgn mama nanti dh kawen dh ada suami kalau suami TAK REDHA maka redha Allah kita takkan dpt..'
I will always remember that..

Its not easy to be a wife or mother..I'm still struggling..

Syurga isteri letaknya pd suami..maka search lah for ur husband blessing.. Inshaallah u'll be happy in this world & hereafter.. Aamiin...

P/s : selamat hari raya! :) mood raya sudah mari..

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Memory lane

Hello,hw R u today?
4give me for the Jolly mood I'm in..
Just gt my 'RAYA' spirit..
Since 6 yrs back my 'raya'was rather dull.. :(
last year was ˚☺k!˚˚☺k!˚
Lil Dinah ws still inside me.. :')
so cnt do anytg much whereas I was treated like a QUEEN.. Heaven ^_^v

So this year, me & hubby decided to spend time 2gether as much as possible with Lil angel & families..
as much as I miss Abah :'(
Back to the story..
I wanna share abt these 2 very important stuffs..
1.The Ring
2.The bracelet

The Ring was our very 1st ring 2gether..couple ring.. He bought it when he wanted me to meet up wth his sisters.. *gulp
It has carvings inside the ring.. '9I27A 4LIFE'
After this very 1st couple ring our 2nd couple rings was our WeDDing Ring :')

Story of the bracelet...
It was from pakistan, he wanted to gv me smtg he likes to wear so he gv me this..actually we rotate everytime we meet up..
At 1st it was twice in a month but then once a week..
He'll come over to my U just so we chud meet.. :')
Thts my man..

I love this 2 things..
Very2 precious.. He still wear the ring &sometime we do rotate to wear the bracelet..

P/s: today is my last day @ work..esk cuti!! Yayyy!sukeeee!kbai

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Popia Horlick Nestum ohhhhhsemmmm by Nini D

hi sygs : )

ha tgk tajuk thu dah kot nak story pasal apa right?
Popia Horlick Nestum by Nini D 'A Day in My Life'
teman thn ni ghaye tak beli almond london, semperit sume tu...
tggu ehsan abg2 & ahkak2 sajork...
teman beli kudap-kudapan sajork...

teman ni suke blogwalking, makanya satu hari sis Nini D telah meng hapdet
entry abt popia ni...
so teman pun excited nk try...
esknye tgk2 order dah tutup...! :'(
kuciwa woiii!
teman pun telah menggunakan kemahiran psychology teman
& hasilnya????

sampai 3 box teman order..
sedap hoiiiii! teman mkn tak benti2...
next year wajibul order lagi...hikhik..

lagi 1 teman suspect sis Nini D ni anak jati perak.. sbb beliau slalu guna 'dialect' perak...
agak2 je... sukee baca entry beliau sbb very the sempoi...

ni ler sis Nini D
(sis mtk pic yer)


p/s : mak teman org jati perak jua... bt gajah nuuu..hihihi

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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After a long time wanting to get this for myself..
Mr IJM managed to dive in &  figure it out..
He bought this for me!
Tq baby! Love u mucho! :)

Its Elite paris 'intense Kajal'it gv u a smokey effect kohl.. Yaay!
Me likey..

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Beli baby

Hi :)

last sunday right we went to buy some groceries..
Took Dinah Nur as well.. Tht muchkin lasak sket skrg ni.. Nk blaja ckp nk blaja diri n jalan..
So ok la kita layan je..
Tgk la tu.. Nak dduk dlm bakul.. Everytg mommy letak dlm bakul dia tlg keluarkn.. Haih..
Ke dh kawtim dgn daddy? Haih la anak

tgk tu buat muka tak bersalah...

penuh perasaan eyh...

actually dia tgh tgk brg yg dia buang kt bwh tu
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Ramadhan Giveaway by QuinshaBatik (tealovecoffe)

hi lovelies...
today feeling lucky to join a giveaway... :)

I have few favourite pieces of mine :

I just loveeee the poncho concept.. can cover up your assets nicely..
superb! ^_^v
in LOVE!

& this piece is soo chic... I chud wear this to any wedding or even as my raya outfit...
together with my hubby!
how cool is that?
WOW is the word

last piece I choose this simple yet elegent suit...
just love the denim material with a bit of pinkish batik motive...
I might dream of this tonight..

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Monday, August 13, 2012


Morning & happy working :)
Few more days b4 eid..
how's preparation for eid?
Mine was so-so..
A bit excited for my Lil princess actually.. Focus on her stuffs je..
& Alhamdulillah managed to get it..

P/s : marriage is not smtg u cn gt in & out so easily..
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dinah 1st books! :)

Actually been tryin to find the best 1st book for her..
She is the type that will get bored easily with smtg..
The only thing that she is still holding on to is her giraffe Meeto..
So @ IBEX we found this 2 books that caught her attention.. So we thought that's her 1st book.. :)

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Hasil sambaran kami

Happy weekends luvly..
Went to danau on sat
IBEX on sun.. IBEX stands for InternatioL Baby ExPo..
Phew! Ramai manusia..
But Alhamdulillah we managed to grab few stuffs..yaaayyyy!
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