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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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After a long time wanting to get this for myself..
Mr IJM managed to dive in &  figure it out..
He bought this for me!
Tq baby! Love u mucho! :)

Its Elite paris 'intense Kajal'it gv u a smokey effect kohl.. Yaay!
Me likey..

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Beli baby

Hi :)

last sunday right we went to buy some groceries..
Took Dinah Nur as well.. Tht muchkin lasak sket skrg ni.. Nk blaja ckp nk blaja diri n jalan..
So ok la kita layan je..
Tgk la tu.. Nak dduk dlm bakul.. Everytg mommy letak dlm bakul dia tlg keluarkn.. Haih..
Ke dh kawtim dgn daddy? Haih la anak

tgk tu buat muka tak bersalah...

penuh perasaan eyh...

actually dia tgh tgk brg yg dia buang kt bwh tu
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Ramadhan Giveaway by QuinshaBatik (tealovecoffe)

hi lovelies...
today feeling lucky to join a giveaway... :)

I have few favourite pieces of mine :

I just loveeee the poncho concept.. can cover up your assets nicely..
superb! ^_^v
in LOVE!

& this piece is soo chic... I chud wear this to any wedding or even as my raya outfit...
together with my hubby!
how cool is that?
WOW is the word

last piece I choose this simple yet elegent suit...
just love the denim material with a bit of pinkish batik motive...
I might dream of this tonight..

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^