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Friday, June 7, 2013

A lil smtg2

Salaam...hello pretty its friday!!!! tomorrow & the day after tomorrow is cuti!
sorry I'm a bit excited thought about something...heheh.. will blog about it very soon in sha Allah...
anyway, these few days has been quite hactic & busy for me..
so this weekend I really wanna chill with my hubs & Dinah... last week since hubs was unwell  so we stayed in. kesian Dinah so we decide to take her out this weekend.

I don't understand why my name changed? its disturbing really..haha!

so far this is my new fav ice cream at Baskin Robbin. It has this sour taste..yummy!
another one would be Cotton Candy.. heavenly sweet..

current useful lotion to me... Lotion mustajab pomegranate. my legs always feel tired so I just rub this around the area & wallah! pain relieve

shawl from @laci_loco.. check them out at instagram..

yayyyy! my new s2 cover... bought from @cikfarahgallery instagram as well..
dun forget to check them out... u whud just fall in love...

ok people back to work. till then!