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Friday, March 6, 2015

My 27th birthday on 27th Feb 2015

Hello people : ) I think I have officially lost my writing skills (cewah! masalahnye ada ke skills tuu?)
Anyway,  27th Feb 2015 was my 27th birthday. Yea yea I know i'm old!
what a joy.  I always wonder what is it like to be 27. Well, as for now nothing much really no different from before. Biasa2 je, well soon Im gonna be a mother of 3 as I am 30 weeks pregnant now.
Counting days for him/her to pop out. a lot of things goin on in my mind really but I just dont want it to affect my routine. Ada orang lagi susah dari hang Nina, so tayah nak meratapi sangat.
So what did I do on my birthday? stayed at home with the kids. Happy me! : )

this is what I gt for my birthday.
Bunga from le Hubbs + Red Musk body mist (loving the smell, not so strong)
Choc from Christina & Arty
tht ladybug thingy from Sharifah
wallet from Kalai & Jen
Body Shop body wash from Rajes 

On monday Lily & Rajes treat me for my birthday lunch at Ozeki.
sedappppppp kemahen tau!
Thank You ladies : )

This is what I ate. burppppp.
makanan sedap ambiance okay bila orang belanja lagiiiii sedap... kahkahkah!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^