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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Abah ^_^

As salam.....
considering that 19 June will be Father's Day so I've something for u Abah.... :)

Abah, when I was 2 days old mama took me home & called u immediately after that..... u were so eager to see me, u rushed back home from Penang just to see me for the very first time...
u azan in my ear & i peed in ur hand.. I'm sorry... but u didn't even get angry instead u laugh & kissed me on the cheek.... right then u already accept me as ur own... thank you!

Abah, even though u didn't have the chance to tell me who i am...but i knw that ur love to me is true... u did love me as ur own... i thank Allah for that.... 

ure the best father anyone could ever have... i'm blessed Abah....

I will always be ur daughter & u will always be my Abah.....

Happy Father's Day~