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Friday, December 31, 2010


arghhhhhhhhh! stress gyla....y? who r they? do they even knw me? shitty btol....
there goes my really who d heck r u?
VIP? i dun deserve it peeps! i have a true VIP....
persons that really put their heart & love to help me....
my backbone....the reason this marriage ever happen...
they r significant to me...& u????? thinkin of it makes me sick....
ur title? ur name?ur job or watever shit is just not my biz...never will be...
where were u so-called "VIP" peeps when we need help?
where were u when we need so-called "VIP" peeps?
open ur eyes!!!!

i was never agree with all this title thingy....for wat? just bcuz u have money?
u didnt do anytg to deserve that title.....
my vain almost burst writing this......
forgive me for d emotional state of mine...
y do u have to  be hypocrite?