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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Antenatal check up at Al- Islam

Hello people! (^_^)
been awhile since I last update, well been busy & the tiredness kinda drag my entry...
No mood really bcuz I'm totally flat after goin home. I would cook & eat after that straight to bed. The best part is that I felt so tired but can't really sleep. :( I think my body is trying to prepare for once the baby is born. phew! struggle to the max! Honestly this time will be more challenging whereas I will be woking after 60 days of maternity leave & also planning to mommyfeed exclusively In shaa Allah.

Back then with only Dinah & my mum was helping out A LOT! I managed to rest... But now with Dinah plus new baby plus my confinement. SubhanaAllah! May Allah give me the strength to cope with this again. Ameen~ Now I am totally swollen.. seriusly, I feel like lying down all the time even sitting down makes me uncomfortable..
Anyway, on tuesday we went for our 1st antenatal check up at Al-Islam Medical Centre@ kg baru. We need to have at least @ check up then only we are entitled for the package. In Shaa Allah.. Hey Lil Ninja stay put yah, wait for a little while please? so we can help daddy ease his worries a bit?

So right the check up, I was checked by Dr Rosilawati. Very friendly very humble & cheerful dr. I can feel the warmth in her voice. compare to gov clinic(I'm sorry not to brag but the gov nurse were very harsh & loud & the dr were lifeless from the way they speak they check & scan baby, I can barely feel excited)& plus husband was not allowed to go in with wife for scanning.. Mr Hubs was a little distrated by work, I'm sure this is bcuz he didn't had the chance to 'meet' the baby in person.. After we're done with the check up he can see the baby in person( well on the screen actually :p) He looked nervous & yet excited! See? the connection & vibration u'll get if u can actually 'meet' the baby urself?
I weight 79kg now, baby is healthy & Thank Allah the Almighty baby is already in the loop. anytime now. I just hope that a day before deliver there will be sign, u know like blood or mild contraction. Hospital bags are ready in the car. Told Hubs to be prepare & stick with ur phone ALL THE TIME! hehe... bcuz knowing him if he is working he will get carried away & distracted so easily.

Next check up will be next week In Shaa Allah. May Allah protect us from evil eyes. Ameen~
till then see ya!

tadaaa! our 2nd precious Lil Nunu
frowning?? Don't worry baby everything will be just fine. Mommy & daddy will alway sbe here for u :)