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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the 1st song ^_^

salaam...morning lulies ^_^v

mind the video yah..
just listen to the lyrics

this was the very 1st song my hubby had given me : D
at 1st I was like
'what the hey?'
padahal baru berckp tu pun thru facebook... actually we were in the same college but never spoken to each other... I know weird right? anyway... it happened 1 day when I was doin assignment while facebooking....he pop up chat & said 'hye'
the next day we chat again and on the 3rd day he pop up & say ' hye,sorry can't stop myself from saying hye after looking at ur face'
halah2 tht was supposed to be cute ke baby?
anyway he posted the video on my wall...
'check out this video.nice song'
haha epic fail la baby... nak ngorat camtu eyh? :p
I wonder if mr hubby read my blog? hehehe...

& then I was listening to the goes like this

'girl I going out of my mind.. & even thought I don't really know u
i guess i feel i'm running out of time I'm waiting for the moment I an show u
& baby girl I want u to know I'm watching u go
 i"m watching u passed me by
It's real love that u don't know about....
even thought I don't really know u I got a lot of love I wanna show u....'

creepy right? I always wonder why & how...
because back in college I wasn't 'the popular pretty girl that a guy like him would go crazy for...
hmmm...still do think like that... :p

btw thank u I know why & how ^_^v