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Friday, June 17, 2011

Apple Pink Bow Giveaway

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Apple Pink Bow  is a blog that offer varieties of  shawls & cute accessories... & also it is affordable for every1...  :)

cute shawl clip

Inner cotton



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Inner Itu Saya Punya

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Inner 2 tone :dark purple &sky blue/ magenta 1 & sky blue

Inner 3 tone : Dark purple + deep pink + Sky blue/ golden rod + olive green + yellow/
magenta 2 + grey + red

Free Earphone..... Lagi..

free earphone?????? waaaaa...... nak2!!!! excited larh pulok...hehe...
cute2 jee earphone neyh....sukeeeeee!
memang da lame na beli earphone cuz earphone lame da besara....

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My Romantic Moments Giveaway

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 I dun remember exactly when was this picture taken but I do remember that this was our meeting after a long 2 weeks without meeting up with each other.... & at this very moment I realized that I have a very special place in my heart for this man....

" Abah, I promise to take care of your daughter with all of my heart. I wish we can just meet each other once & I would know you better. I love your daughter very much & I will give everything including myself to make her happy. You don't have anything to worry about. Although we never really meet but I can feel the strong connection between us.. " 
~Immortal Love~ 
 1st day of Eid 2010

well,this is not exactly our face but it's really our hands on top of each other's...
venue : Abah's grave...

Abah didn't really get the chance to meet him... but I know that if Abah is still alive they would be very close to each other where Abah is a very good story-teller & he is too... He even cry when he said this... a man will  not easily shed tears but when they do means they really mean it...

this man is now my husband, now & always.... ^_^v
I love u Baby!!

Me : Baby, i' sorry yah I'm getting bigger & bigger everyday. : (
Him : What?
Me : I'm fat larh baby. : '(
Him : Baby, even if u're fat I'll still love u. Or else I'll eat more so I can be fat also. Then we'll be the fat couple! (laughing)
Me : Very funny.... '-'
Him : Baby, u're the mother of our baby & u'll always be my Baby no matter how u look. u'll always be beautiful wifey to me. (hug)
Me : .................... :' )

Custom Blog Design GA

Custom BLOG DESIGN GA by Heartlicious Design!
the prizes will also be sponsored by Fizza Closet....

Custom Blog Design Giveaway by Heartlicious Design

Two lucky winners, yes you're right, TWO WINNERS will receive:

A CUSTOM BLOG DESIGN {Luscious Standard}

Their choice of two Individual Items {Singlicious}.

SPECIAL GIFTS from the lovely sponsor Fizza Closet! Please check out her blogshop for fabulous shawls and accessories.

The Total Value of the prizes is RM260+ (RM130+ each).
See, it's worth it!

This giveaway is open for followers only, so you have to be follower of both Heartlicious Design and Fizza Closet.


Post about this giveaway on your blog. Post only to the blog where you want me to design. (For example, not at you GA blog). If you've done this, let me know by leaving the link of your blog post in Heartlicious Design's comment section.

The giveaway is open until Sunday Morning, June 26, 2011 at 10:00 am. More info >> Shawl Giveaway

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Little Mama Diary is organizing a pretty simple contest ya'll
come join! 
there's few awesome shawl to be won... :)

loveeeeeee tiz 3 layer shawl..... very classy!

shawl ayya! nice jgk!


kenapa saya nak menang shawl neyh???
sebab shawl neyh gorgeous2 sgttttttttttt!
geram nyeeeeeee tgk......
plus suke pakai  shawl.... memang usually pakai shawl or pashmina jee...
so bleyh larh tambah koleksi yang dah lama sangat ta update....
If u wear something nice u'll have the confident....
If u look beautiful u won't be afraid of what others might say.....
no matter what size are u...
so stay gorgeous!  ^_^v

ID follower : Nina Zee

GiveAway by Cik Eira Shoppe

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I love the colour & the big eye effect... with 15.5mm diameter will definitely make my eyes look big & natural...
If I have to choose I'll go for dark blue or dark grey.... : )