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Friday, June 17, 2011

My Romantic Moments Giveaway

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 I dun remember exactly when was this picture taken but I do remember that this was our meeting after a long 2 weeks without meeting up with each other.... & at this very moment I realized that I have a very special place in my heart for this man....

" Abah, I promise to take care of your daughter with all of my heart. I wish we can just meet each other once & I would know you better. I love your daughter very much & I will give everything including myself to make her happy. You don't have anything to worry about. Although we never really meet but I can feel the strong connection between us.. " 
~Immortal Love~ 
 1st day of Eid 2010

well,this is not exactly our face but it's really our hands on top of each other's...
venue : Abah's grave...

Abah didn't really get the chance to meet him... but I know that if Abah is still alive they would be very close to each other where Abah is a very good story-teller & he is too... He even cry when he said this... a man will  not easily shed tears but when they do means they really mean it...

this man is now my husband, now & always.... ^_^v
I love u Baby!!

Me : Baby, i' sorry yah I'm getting bigger & bigger everyday. : (
Him : What?
Me : I'm fat larh baby. : '(
Him : Baby, even if u're fat I'll still love u. Or else I'll eat more so I can be fat also. Then we'll be the fat couple! (laughing)
Me : Very funny.... '-'
Him : Baby, u're the mother of our baby & u'll always be my Baby no matter how u look. u'll always be beautiful wifey to me. (hug)
Me : .................... :' )


  1. :) waw baby bump! so sweet both of u!
    checked! jaga baby dlm tu k ;)

  2. hehe..yahp!
    thank u....
    i will always :)


tq mucho! ^_^v