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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

just for u Abah

Last Father's day I was tempted to say smtg for my dearest Abah..

Its been 8th years since u been gone. I have never stop praying & thinking about u. U were my guardian my bodyguard my man.
Now I have my man my guardian he will take care of me 
In Shaa Allah. He is my bodyguard
My Husband My imam.
TQ for giving me life
TQ for giving me a family
I hope you r happy there.
Cant wait to see u Abah very soon.
Till then take care..

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^7

Mother's day dinner

Hello peeps ^_^v
So on Mother's day right my company decide to have a dinner out with all the moms..
In case u don't know, I work in a all moms company... hikhik~
Motherly hugggg
The theme's was Glamourous, Glitter & Gold...

The venue was The Corus Hotel jalan ampang

Glitter wide shawl
Satin Gold blouse
Tutu skirt black
Glitter trasparent wedges

Ma bestie Zura..

From left cindy, sharifah, Lilly, Taylor swift

Kim, taylor swift,cindy, lilly

Okies layan pic syok sendiri from taylor swift & zura..hakhakhak

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

Current update...boohoooo

Hello people ^_^v
Its been awhile since I last publish any entry huh?
Well been very2 busy with life & soldiersssss...
Wow! They grow up so fast.. & to tell u honestly its NOT easy to raise kids.. phew! I almost lost it like seriously lost it.. HAHA!
I mean if I go a bit further than that I might end up in mental hospotal..
Lets recall what happened in my life now shall we?
1. Work
- working with super 'brilliant' people can kill u from inside..
But i enjoy working there...
Its the longest job i have..

2. Dinah
- she drives me crazy like ALL the timeeeee...
- at times I cried! :'(
- having hard time to listen to me... grrrrr!!!
- still potty training..
-she lost weight!! Cn u believe that??

- getting fatter & Alhamdulillah healthier.
-teething :'( painfully
-8month already.

4. Le hubbs
- just recovered from viral fever...
-he was weak like the whole week...

Thats all for now.. will update more frequrant yah In Shaa Allah

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^