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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Current update...boohoooo

Hello people ^_^v
Its been awhile since I last publish any entry huh?
Well been very2 busy with life & soldiersssss...
Wow! They grow up so fast.. & to tell u honestly its NOT easy to raise kids.. phew! I almost lost it like seriously lost it.. HAHA!
I mean if I go a bit further than that I might end up in mental hospotal..
Lets recall what happened in my life now shall we?
1. Work
- working with super 'brilliant' people can kill u from inside..
But i enjoy working there...
Its the longest job i have..

2. Dinah
- she drives me crazy like ALL the timeeeee...
- at times I cried! :'(
- having hard time to listen to me... grrrrr!!!
- still potty training..
-she lost weight!! Cn u believe that??

- getting fatter & Alhamdulillah healthier.
-teething :'( painfully
-8month already.

4. Le hubbs
- just recovered from viral fever...
-he was weak like the whole week...

Thats all for now.. will update more frequrant yah In Shaa Allah

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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