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Monday, June 4, 2012

HFW week May day 5 ' Special Occasion'

Salaam...hello ladies ^_^v
dress up much lately? well, its not a crime to be fashionable right?
hijab can also be a style after the obligation for muslim...
day 5 outfit

HFW week May Day 5
~Special Occasion~

leopard print maxi dress wore as skirt
inner shirt
mustard chiffon batwing
black chiffon  bawal
small belt
beige ribbon flat 

i was bored with baju kurung to walimah & those official occasion.. why don't I change a bit? it wouldn't hurt right? so I put this together just to experiment ^_^
actually it was great & u'll look different...

wanna join? click HERE

HFW week May Day 4 'Travel Destination'

Salaam...hye luvly ^_^
gonna do a quick update on the HFW 2012...
I love to travel...Honestly I do : )
I've not been to much country outside Malaysia...
but the few International country were Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Bandung...
It was totally 'the' day of my life if I had the chance to travel all around...

anyway lets cut it short & see what kinda outfit I managed to put together for my special trip

HFW Week May Day 4
~Travel Destination~

grey mermaid skirt
black long singlet
purple sleeveless dress
dark grey knitted curve cardigan
inner +inner neck
mangosteen XL chiffon shawl
beige ribbon flat
Carlo Rino's beige 3 way bag

a very simple yet comfy style of mine ^_^v

my travel destinationS will be
Abu Dhabi(middle eastern baby!)
Venice(don't u just love the water country?)

click HERE

HFW week May Day 3 'Time Travel'

Salaam...hello luvlies ^_^v
been busy with work & being a mom...
& also a wifey....
tired but happy :)
anyway here is my simple outfit for....

HFW Week May Day 3
~Time Travel~

old jeans dress from penang back in 2005 
skinny jeans from vietnam
plain pashmina(zarra hijab)
knee high boots

biker style... actually I really want to own  1 of those big super bike...
:) too high hope perhaps?