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Monday, July 22, 2013

12th day of Ramadhan

Salaam... Hye beautiful people... Its 13th Ramadhan... few more weeks to go than EID!! hehe... so excited... Actually bcuz we r goin for holiday.. This year Eid I won't be able to enjoy as much bcuz well as u all know I'm gonna be 7th month preggy... This will be the 2nd Eid that I'm pregnant... Alhamdulillah... no baju raya for me : ( but gonna buy for Dinah Nur : ) jadila, for her we haven't shop yet waiting for ze salary.... this year we are both lucky(thank u Allah) bcuz we r gonna have our PRA(performance related allowance) meaning we cn just sit back w/o worrying abt expenses... honestly its really tiring to just wait for the month to end when we will received our salary.. phew! Its a huge struggle for a new family like us... I believe few of other new families experince the same thing... In shaa Allah, we will make it thru, well nobody said it will be easy... & yet thats the little things that keep us together... there's time when we don't have any penny left & its a week more before salary... But eventually we managed... thank you Allah!
But luckily Allah granted our Du'a for a car, easier for us to move around & don't have to 'pinjam' people's car & get yelled at... memories...
ok enough about sad stuffs..

yesterday, hubs went to my in laws for iftar... Me? nah, let him have his own sweet time with his family... plus he went striaght to terawih.. & only came back late night... with my condition plus Dinah Nur 'cranky b4 sleep' style I'll rather stay at home.... well we didn't really stayed home... mama took us out for iftar as well... come to think of it lucky I didn't go, or else mama will be alone at home...
We break our fast at Cozy Corner at Ampang Park... We almost didn't get seat... It was full... luckily we managed to get 1 seat... Dinah Nur started to be cranky bcuz she didn't sleep the whole day, no she did actually sleep for awhile in the car...
anyway, mama had KungFu noodles & for me Chicken Chop... apple juice for me & longan for mama... hihik... Was thinking I might get myself Hokkaido cake since mama is a fan also...but too bad its already sold out... : ( so instead I bought cream puff & ice cream...
While we are looking around the booth at Ampang Park, I noticed that the 'IN' fashion noe is peplum & fishtail... thinking of getting dinah baju kurung...
After iftar we head back & Dinah actually slept in the car till this morning... 

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^