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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming back

Yuhuu people... Miss me?
Hehe.sorry for the long hiatus...
Been unwell for few days so no mood to write plus no new story...

I was suffered from bad diarrhea & fever. This past few days... Tiredness... Phew! I've lost few kg... Godness.. M gonna have to gain back... Baby bump is visible bit by bit... Weeeee! I'm a happy happy lady!

So my morning sickness was quite bad... Honestly I can't eat anytg more than 2 3 spoonfed or else I'll throw up d whole thing & no appetite for anytg for d whole day....& pimple attack! Its not the pimple tht is bothering me but the pain... Ngaaaaaa! Freakin painful.... Plus my precious one always like to touch it... Grrrr...
Let see the thing I can't eat or cook...
1. Rice
2.all those garlic/onion when u want to start cooking?
3. Bread
4. Sweetstuffs

But I loveeeee SUPER SPICY SOUP...

My fav bfast nowadays is

Taraaaaaa! Koko krunch wth fresh milk...

For dinner yesterday

Empal penyet(smashed beef)
The 'sambal' is soooo spicy.... Just the way i like it...


Precious one who loves mommy's pimple so much

So on saturday we went to shazmin's niece aqiqah...

So thats abt it... Gotta go now... Goodday!

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