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Monday, June 25, 2012


been trying to do this since log time ago...
so here goes

1. 3 names in your inbox cellphone
   - Hubbyqu Hearty
   - Mama

2. your main ringtone
   -Danza Kuduro by Don omar feat Lucenzo

3.What u did @ 12 last night?
   - Sleeping

4. Who was the last person u went out with? where?
    -Mr Hubby. KLCC

5. The colour of T-shirt you're wearing now?
   - not actually T-shirt but RED

6. The last Thing u did?

7. 3 of your everyday favourite items?
   - my kitty blackberry
   - my Clarks wedges
   - my hijab

8. The colour of your bedroom?
   - PURPLE! :)

9. How much money you have in your wallet now?
   -hmmm...though one... RM 32(end of the month : ( )

10. Favourite song?
     - NajwaLatif-Kosong

11. What will u do next weekend?
     - groceries shopping & jalan2 with Mr Hubby & BumBum <3

12. When was the last time u saw ur mum?
      - urmmmm... this morning

13. Where is she now?
     -at home

14. When was the last time u talked to ur parents?
     - my mum? this morning
     - my dad? almost 6 years ago.. : ( (he is no longer with us)

15. Who was the last person texted u?
     -my customer :)

16. Where did u have ur dinner last nite?

17.  The last suprise?
     - 7th June (marie claire bag!)

18. Last thing u borrowed from ur fren?

19. who is ur bf/gf, husband/wife?
      -Mr IJM, Hubbyqu Hearty

20. What do u feel now?

21. Wanna share with who?
      -whoever that is sleepy

22.  Who knows ur secret?
       - my bff ,Mr Hubby

23. They keep ur secret?

24. Are u angry with someone?
     - yes!

25. What do u order at Mcd?
      - usually Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe/Double Cheese Burger

26. Last time u feel so sad
     - hmmm.... when my dad passed away :'( he was my hero my idol

27. Your wish for 2morrow?
 - I wish a happy,healthy & life full with Barakah for everyone. especially my family ^_^v

28. who will u tag?
     Puan Ana ^_^
     Cik Ath  -_-

p/s : cant wait gaji...TGI here I come!

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