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Monday, October 7, 2013

Delivery/confinement checklist

Hello people ^_^v Honestly I really wanna know if anybody read my blog :'( well yea, I love to write just to express myself... If u stop by leave me some love dearest comment or smtg..hehe... Just to get to know u :-)

Since I'm on my last trimester & waitin for the baby to pop out.. So I just wanna share my confinement checklist... I loveeeee to read about delivery,hospital bag, baby's, confinement checklist... Hehe... SEriusly its my new fav thing! I can go for hours to browse thru that kinda blog..& me likey!

alright so here we go,

1. Bedak Sejuk(mydin is wayyyyyy cheaper from kedai mamak)
2. rose water (bought 2 types just to compare- Mustika Ratu & SariAyu)
3. herbanika massage oil (I prefer Nona Roguy brand)
4. Pil Binari
5. Mandian Herba TYT(before this mama yang buat traditionaly but now dah x buat dah :( )
6. Lulur Badan ( the cheapest of all, now kan banyak yg modern type.. But I'm gonna try the
oldies way.)

Fluffy slippers for me! (^_^)v

In Shaa Allah later will share with u guys my supplement :)

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