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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harrods Tote bag Giveaway by Liza Razak

hi! good morning & happy fasting... ^_^
its the 4th day of Ramadhan....Alhamdulillah....
oukayh so today feeling a bit 'rajin'
so lets join this giveaway...

Harrods Tote bag Giveaway by Liza Razak

yayy! Liza Razak is giving away her own Harrods Tote! (jumping*)

click banner to join..

& I have to attach 1 pic of " My Favourite Outfit ".

Pallazo pants 
turtle neck white inner
x10der dahlya(short white skirt to extend short shirt) 
batwing blouse
flat shoes
sunglasses as accessories

its just so comfy! : ) as a mother I need to be ready...
modest yet stylish.. ^_^
plus my bumbum is very active...
so pallazo pants help me move easily & still cover my aurah...
batwing is my favourite style... cover up my private part nicely...
I feel safe & chic at the same time...


its sooo EZ to join...
more info u can click banner above : )

p/s : who knows I might get my 'raya' bag?


  1. love this combination especially the batwing blouse.. anyway..thank you for joining sis :)

  2. gud luck sis :) sy pun pakai jugak x10der dahlya tu

  3. tq dearv :) best kan x10der tu?


tq mucho! ^_^v