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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ta puas haty

i was reading about the human revolution...
alarh, all those about how human looks like few decade before....
scientist and DR does their research & they summarize their so called research by saying that before us "homo-sapien" we were monkeys, chimps....blablabla....
& this 1 particular theory that support this statement...
Da vince theory of evolution i think..... as a student of language i have to learn this psycholinguistic lesson...
if only i chud say to his face "u r insulting religion ass***!"
Sorry if my entry this tym sgt2 emo & bersifat keagamaan sket....
seriusly, monkeys???chimps? worst! gorillaz? wth????
Allah bg kite darjat tinggi oukayh dr binatang....despite manusia yg perangai kalah binatang...yg tu ta kire....
how do i put this??hummm....manusia punya akal....binatang ad otak tp tade akal....fhm?

come i educate u da vince....

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