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Thursday, February 10, 2011

contest Free Photoshoot with Faridism Photography

hye allz! eyh na twu ta? ad 1 contest neyh best ooo.....

  "CONTEST : PHOTOSHOOT PERCUMA bernilai RM150 anjuran Faridism Photography" 

tadaaaa! title dye sgt best ryte? the contest is brought to u by inche farid haron.
i ta knl sgt larh blogger neyh, my dear fren ana yg tag me in her entry about this contest so i thot y not i give it a try kn? ta rugi pape pown....

so here goes,
y do i think i shud be chosen to win this contest?hummmm....bcuz i luvvvvvvv taking picture! whoaaaa! very much oukayh...seriously.......i've been dreaming of bein in any photoshoot.... ouh myyyyyyy! can't believe m actually joining this contest....hikhikhik...oukayh2, over larh nina.... ^_^
anyhow i'm very super duper excited about this face tade larh photogenic sgt but whatever larh...mane twu rezeki kn? about d theme i really dun mind....any theme whud do... m very flexible as long as it does not involve insect or any amphibian, herbivore, carnivore watsoever...geliiiiiiiiiiiii!

na tag my 3 luvly gurls oukayh? ^_^

ouh yah,anyway....d contest start at 11th February 2011 till  1st April 2011, 12am.


  1. hehehehe....yayyy..kalo menang, ajak lah sekali..nak tumpang sekaki untuk 1 gambar..haha..jokes :P

  2. thanks you sebab join :) nantikan update dan keputusan tentang kontest ni ok ! :)

  3. ana : y not? hehe... ^_^

    farid : no biggy :)


tq mucho! ^_^v