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Monday, March 14, 2011

My BFF ^_^

halu halu! :) actually na join contest lagy neyh....ehem2, kali neyh Miss 
NurulBadiah Lai yang sponsor...sukeeee!
bwu jee join blog beliau actually...then bwat plak contest so apalagy jowm kite join! saje na memeriahkan if menang pown ap salahnye kan kan kan?

oukayh larh merepk merapu je kaw an! neyh na show off banner contest neyh

holoh, comel oke... ^_^

Dear NurulBadiah Lai,
all of them r my BFF.. 
supposedly ad lagy sorang, shazmin ( sweety) tp she can't make it...
this was taken on my  walimah day..
they all came lukin gorgeous just bcuz i asked them to...hikhik... jahat ooo pakse2 orang vogue...
anyway, i knew them from very last sem...we became so close until now we share every single thing...Alhamdulillah now kami da almost 3 years da kenal each other...not long but long enuff 4 us to luv each other lyke sisters...
gurls, yunk luvvvv yuuuu all sangat2!!!!

maw tag few frens

1 comment:

  1. dear

    thanks 4 joining

    i wish u all the best..

    done check ur entry
    btw follow u too


tq mucho! ^_^v