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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary to 9I27A

15 June, our 1st year anniversary....

1st year that we met each other....

15 June 2010..........
I never really thought the very 1st time we went out together would end with us getting married.
at that moment I already gave up on love & didn't expect true love.
with my past love story, u won't even believe I'm still standing now.
a total tragedy.never to be mention again.

starting from a 'hye' pop up message & a harmless day out. 
well, sort of.
u freaked me out Baby! LOL!
in front of the maxis tower approximately at 8:45pm
u proposed...... :' )
i still think u r creepy back then... teheeeehe~

then we moved to ' will u come to my dad's tahlil?'
& awkward moment when for the very 1st time u met my fams.
u really amazed me. ^_^v
my sis in law was crazy about us getting together & kept on saying ' confirm-confirm' & 'jadi-jadi'
they love u. 
too charming to be true huh?

& now we are officially together.
the right way.

1st of Jan 2011,
I am officially urs.
dedicating my faithfulness, my loyalty to u.
my luvly hubby :' )

now we are expecting our 1st baby.
u're gonna be a daddy!
so excited!

I hope. I wish. I pray.
so that we will be like this forever.
with others prayers & blessing from both our parents.

Love u mucho Baby!

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