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Friday, September 14, 2012


hello dearest..
After few days I've been in the cone of silence..
Gonna update few entries 2day..inshaallah Allah's willing :)
Everyday we wake up of cuz we will feel thankful cuz HE gave us another day to live..Alhamdulillah..
With that we managed to spend another day with our love is kinda complex..
But most of us take it 4granted.. Including me..
Reading about death makes me realize..ya Allah m not ready, there R a lot of things I wanna do.. O Allah my sin to my frens,family,my husband r all still pending..I wanna perform my taubah..I wanna die as a gud a gud fren,as a gud daughter,as a gud wife n also a gud mother..o Allah, I wanna repent..hear my prayer & have some mercy..
Mati dlm kehinaan.. Takut..

P/s : tasaba nih..planning in construction..lalalal~ jgn jd budak2 nina.. Kita senyum tak perlu kata apa2 ^_^v
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