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Monday, September 10, 2012

That lil moment

Good morning all :)
2day is rather moody, the weather I mean..
Maybe bcuz its monday?
Or maybe its just me..
All night long I've been trying to figure out wat I really want in life..just can't seems to put the puzzle 2gether..hmm.. tricky u..honestly speaking I miss those study times.. Restless night..actually last sat was supposed to be my convo.. But.. Life is cruel sometimes..I just cnt cope with the fact tht I hv to wake up early in the morning n go to work! Damn! Busting ur ass working n in the end gonna deal wth that tax bs..m complex n also simple..u work tht out..
Enuf blabbering..m in d bus omw to work..heaven right?? I KNOW..
Till then
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  1. Dont regrat fo what you had. you ada apa orang lain tak ada and orang lain ada apa yang you tak ada. btw, ada hikmah fo what you have been thru.

    1. regret & miss is 2 different things my dear anon... i am happy for wat i have....just a thought...peace~


tq mucho! ^_^v