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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A year after me being a Mommy

Happy Birthday to my dear lovely daughter Dinah Nour Ibrahim
lil bumbum,
its your very 1st year birthday darling...^_^
all thru this 1 year u have been a wonderful treasure for mommy & daddy...
u light up everyone's life...
with ur existance mommy feel alive & thankful for the blessing the HE has given to us,
ur mommy & daddy...
do u remember the 9 month when u were inside mommy?
mommy would talk to u & always pray that u would come out a bit earlier...
haha.. that was priceless... the 1st kick u did really suprise us...
u were strong, still are : )

thank you Allah for this precious gift... we will protect her with our life...
In Sha Allah...

ehem2...oukay so enough with the jiwang part now lets get to serius business...

 her 1st day

Dinah 2day

Dinah Nour,
now dah 1 year old kan? so taknak la cranky2 lagi.. listen to opah oukay? mommy kena keje syg...
just for ur future... even though mommy takde dgn Dinah every hour but u know mommy love u so much...
with every core of my heart my existance... Dinah je yg mommy ada later if mommy dah takde Dinah kena jaga diri oukay takmo susahkan orang lain...have to be independant...
on ur birthday mommy nak wish
Happy 1st year Birthday to u...
later kita celebrate kay? Dinah nak cake tak? hehe...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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