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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kalimah & Dana BIG day

Hallu dearest....
Been bz on weekends huh?
Me too...we went to attend my buddy n cousin's wedding...
No no they didnt marry each other but its 2 different wedding... Gt it?hehe sorry u know Monday Blues much...

So on saturday right my luck both their wedding was at night...we decided to go to Ema's then rush to Dana's.... Both of them are same age as me...
Ema reception was held at De Palma Hotel... Whereas Dana reception was at this villa at titiwangsa....
Oukay lets story abt Ema's reception...

Bride was wearing a amazingly beautiful dress/gown...I almost cried looking at how beautiful she is... Coral soft pink was their choices of colour....they walked in the hall as the Maher Zain 'for the rest of my life' song played touching!what a lovely moment I must say...& Ema looked so happy... :')
The food was awesome but we couldn't  stay long bcuz Dinah Nur was not with mum took her to my cousin's wedding on we had to rush back to the other wedding....

Dana was wearing a white evening dress...the groom, a grey tuxedo...they arrived in a  Mercedes...phewww!

Missing that BIG day of ours....oukay stop! Dh hbs ok tht day dh lepas dh...hehehe...anyway marriage n wedding is a two different thing.... Wedding is a temporary event...marriage in the other hand is a lifetime commitment.... If stakt wedding of the year n u spend all ur dime just to satisfied urself but marriage doesnt work out the way it shud be...what a waste....
Well alright dearest...just scroll down for the picca aight?


so called 'Pelamin' at Ema's reception... stunning isnt it?

ze bride :)

ze Girls ^_^v

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