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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Salaam... Hello lovely....
So today nak buat review a bit la..
. Cuz agak lama tak review product kan? So here goes...

Nowadays kan mcm sgt fofular dgn tribal  stuff right? Here and there people sibuk nk ber 'tribal'
So that day when I wad at home doin nothing... I was browsing thru fb....tetiba come accross page NAELLA ni....

They are selling shawl.... Cotton shawl yg lebar and sgt selesa... BEST! No kidding.... Kain dia best ringan and also u cn cover ur chest.... Me likey!

Harga pun bole tahan...berbaloi la dgn quality....NAELLA  ada launch another colletion taw.... Aysel Collection.... Awesome jgk design dia... Ada 1 design tu lbg kurang mcm Yuna penah pkai.... So klau nk feeling2 Yuna tu bole la beli....

yang ni Naella collection

yg ni Aysel collection

so go check out Naella u guys ^_^v

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