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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No title

Salaam.... Hello gorgeous....
How r u doin ? Hope everytg is well..erk its ady tuesday...
Hows ur weekends? Mine was oukay..On saturday we went to Times Square .... Went around & we ate at this 1 kopitiam dunnoe if its new
But the food were quite nice... Its near to Watson pharmacy in level 1.. We ordered nasi lemak with ayam goreng rempah & mee soup.... Usually I dun eat the yellow mee bcuz it taste bitter but this time its not bitter at all... The only problem was the coke has no gas in it so the coke is superr sweet...grrr....
Haih too much work can't even think... Nk mkm pun mcm a bit hard sbb too tired....
Smlm.I cooked fried kuetiew with egg... Hubby love it...yayyer!
2day tk bwk bekal pun... :-(
Nk mkn roti jela.... Diet mar kikikiki~
Hubby tk bg diet actually...
Tp bini dia ni degil.... Nk cantek kn utk suami jgk... Degil bab ni takpe degil bab lain durhaka la dikau... So dia dah letak limit la... Smpai dia ckp stpp means I have to stop... Ok bos!
Excited abt a lot of things.... Lalalalala~
Thinking abt continuing my degree..
Waiting for green light...
Nak share pic si bambam... Time ni we all at times square
So layan pic jela...yea?

dapat lepas hamboih 1 TS dia tawaf...

sempat posing pulak da...

daddy ckp Dinah smile dia buat muka gini pulak..
'hi sy Dinah, Sy bambam sebab sy suke mkn...nomnomnom...'

korang tgk kemain gangster bersungguh2 dia*

mommy confius nk tgk crepe ke nk tgk dinah...sbb dua2 sodap!

haha...bantal busuk

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