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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

24th feb. The day u went away

Hallu haaaaaa....
24th feb....
Its been 5 years since abah passed away... :'(
I miss him so much.... MashaAllah....
Kalau lah abah ada lagi mesti abah rapat dgn hubby... Abah suke bercerita....hubby is a good listener..
They will have a lot of in common...
Abah mesti sayang gila kt dinah... Abah tk sempat tgk nina nikah n now m waitin for my 2nd baby...
Taknak tulis pjg2... Kang tk pasal2 berjujuran air mata...

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw ur face..
u told how proud u r but I walked away..
If only I knew wat I know today..
I would hold u in my arms..
I would take the pain away...
Tq for all uve done..
Forgive all my mistakes..
Theres nothing I wouldnt do to hear ur voice again
Sometimes I wanna call u but i know u wont be there..

Abah was always proud of us.. Of me... MashaAllah he would brag abt our result yg tk seberapa tu.. He didnt care as long as we r happy...
Everytime on d last day of ramadhan he would call me & congrats me..
just bcuz ive complete d whole month fasting...
See, d smallest thing tht ppl might forget... If my bday he would remind mama to buy me cake... Never fail celebrate my bday...
He is a awesome abah... To me la...

I remember when mama took me home... U drop everytg u were doin n come running home to see me... MashaAllah.. D moment u iqamat in my ears.. I knew u gonna tk cr of me like ur own...
Tq abah.. & today is my 25th bday I wanna thank u for giving me d chance to get to know this wonderful family.. They r d angel tht u sent for me Allah..
Only Allah can repay all this..

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