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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednessday?

Hello cantek! miss me ^_^v ok foine perasan...
anyways, yesterday I was in training... improvement & development...
our training always been fun sbb trainer tu mmg bole masuk dgn kami...
so all the way asek gelak je... hihih
have u guys ever been to Dome? duhhhh! of cuz u guys have right? noob sgt nina...
puhhhh-leseee I hari2 makan dome ok... @_@ ok foine u guys byk duit bole la...
so smlm luncheon me & the ladies decided to go to dome...
amboih! sume gara2

tak jelas? japppppp....

nampak ke tidak?
nie la HOneycomb gold rush... yummy!!

but unfortunately its out of stock meaning dah hbs la... : (
so I decided to try

nyummy jgk!
big chunk of choc with a very mild taste of coffee & quality milk....
super awesome!
& I ate Vegetarian Bruschetta

freshly toast garlic bread with fresh tomato, onion, garlic, herbs & fetta cheese topping

until now still linger in my mind how does it taste like... i'm literally having food orgasm now...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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