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Thursday, March 28, 2013

planning is not easy


hello people! how r u? today is thursday...tomorrow friday! means? cuti for me! ^_^v
anyway, harini teman nak guna bahasa malaysia jela bole?
berbelit2 lidah speaking london...haha...
tapi teman campur2 la ek... ni bukan karangan sekolah menengah pun kena bahasa baku bagai kan?
so bear with me ya?

ok so haritu dear hubby & his department L&D(learning & developement) ada buat 1 trip to port dickson N9... hubby pulak unwell.... so tak enjoy sgt... he was busy with his assignment & the magazine for the company... ouh yea! my hubby jadi editor for the co's magazine...hehe... how cool is that?! ok fine, tak cool la kat korang but to me cool gila! (matiklaaa puji laki sendiri -_-'') eh, out of topic laaaa...
after he came back he was like ' baby kita g pd nak next month?' so I was like ' NAKKKKKK!' haha gila taknak da lama tak jalan jauh ok..tak padan dgn morning sickness & backache mak buyung niii...
so we plan... tuptup tak jadi : ( sbb byk benda nak settle.. yela nk holiday bkn pkai sket duit... accomodation lagi, entertainment lagi, food lagi, shopping lagi...oiiii! byk betul!
so i suggest kt hubby we pegi may or june... sbb may he is goin on another trip to cameron! haih.....
kena tinggal lagi... :' ( makanya june saje la... plus its his bday month...bole la suprise kan cik abg tu...
for him bday celebration not important but to me it is! tak pernah miss my bday celebration tau...
last year his bday kami pegy TGI Friday, kt entry NI...
so this year nak buat something special a bit... he is goin to enter the 3 series kan...hehe...

planning nak pegi these few places but dunnoe yet la... mb nak pegy
1. Colmar (we went here before but with mama... horrible experince... so nak redo)

2. Cameron ( he went here with his friends & he bought me this tee & sanggup tak y u so  

3. Langkawi (we have been dreaming of nak pegi sini together & bawak dinah)

4. Sabah ( He wanted so badly to go here. if ada rezeki mmg nak bawak...)

5. genting! (we went there together time tu mama ikut & dinah kecik sgt.. so mama taknak masuk..this time 
                  nak bawak bumbum skali)

nak plan holiday bukan senang... kena plan betul2... budget & all.. ada rezeki then kami pegi la in sha Allah... actually kannnn, nak story lain but terkuar story ni...bole la eh...ok bye!

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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