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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Malacca trip- part 2

Hello lovelies ^_^v
so this is the cont of Malacca trip-part 1..

so the next day I woke up at 7am, then get ready thot of nak beli bfast je..
but hubs mmg la tak bg wifey dia pegi memana alone.. so ok la kita tggu mereka bersiap...
after that we went to nearest restaurant for bfast... guess wat? everybody in the restaurant loves her ( Dinah)..
keep on coming to our table & talk to her...hehehe... so adorable...

in the car waiting for si kecik tu bangun tdow...

hubby & wifey camwhore...

bangun dah! yayyyy!

playing with daddy.... she is growing so fast!

nak pose jugek...layan jeee...

daddy lil sweetheart

actually we r at the melaka raya shopping place... bought few stuffs for mama, ourselves & also for my officemates... spent almost 4 hours there...hehe...
later that evening we went to have our lunch... at Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball...

for me it wasn't a nice experience... hubs said in terms of taste it is very nice but not very filling... so 8pm we went out again for late dinner at this arabian food place... been craving for naan...
will update part 3-day 3 soon....

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