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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Food galore

good morning people! its tuesday... still got the blues? me? nahhh just hungry.... u know sometimes I find it very annoying when I would feel hungry in the middle of the night or early in the morning... sampai rasa nak lempang orang! seriusly.... at one time I cried just bcuz I was so tired & sleepy but my eyes just cannot shut down due to my stomach growling like crazy! grrrrrr.... I'm so happy bcuz nof this new coming baby but yah I'm super tired & fatigue all the time... MashaAllah.... slap myself*

anyway, talking about food.... 
last weekend mama cooked nasi lemak for breakfast.... the smell was so tempting I had to woke up early on weekend! haha... usually weekend we would sleep a bit longer... but hubs wasn't feeling well that day.... phew! I had to handle dinah all by myself since mama got few 'kuih' order... Well, yah hubs help me alot with dinah... since I cannot carry her anymore... she weight 12kg! haha... hey come on ur kids are not urs alone... wife & husband should be a team to take care of ur baby.... its a constitution not a single man thingy....

Nasi Lemak Pandan
Sambal Sotong
Sambal Ikan Bilis
Fried Chicken
anchovies & peanut
boiled egg

this was actually on saturday, we woke up early to service our Mr Red... but unfortunately its Agung's bday so most of the service centre did not open for business... sadness... but after that we went to this 1 arabic restaurant Al Madineh....
I ate Mandey Chicken & hubs ate Lamb mandey
the ice lemon tea was superb!!!!

this lil cheeky bambam ate chocolate ice cream!
just look at her face...haha
omg if daddy find out confirm u 'kena'

alahai anakkkkkkkkk....

ouh ya btw bought this super awesome delicious pavlova...
It was superb! the week b4 I did bought from this particular couple but the pavlova was slimmy...
the cream mealted & it tasted sweet... & the meringue was scorched.. sadness : (
but this one... MashaAllah really meet my requirement... hubs & mama loves it!
gonna order moreeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Pavlova LOVE design...

got few more size....

last but not least...
my life!

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