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Thursday, June 13, 2013

true friends are hard to find

Hello people, its thursday. one more day & its gonna be the weekends! hehe...
anyway, its been awhile since I write about my friends...
well I'm not a very socialize person & I will be close to the person if I feel comfortable...
meaning I would observe their behaviour. the way they speak to people the way they behave.
& if don't feel comfy I will just stay away from them... easy getaway..hehe...
I know I know its kinda judgemental right?
hey come on, I do get crazy & wacky but only with those I feel comfortable with...
even at work...
back in the day my cousins always called me 'anti-social' freak, which is true...
I don't mingle around much because I'm comfortable with that....
don't get me wrong, I love to talk.. trust me & ask those who are close to me.. I like to joke around....
I can say that I am a very reserved person.
alright then enough about me... lets talk about my dearest friends...

Some of us are still studying & also work & part time study... I'm the only one who is married & already a mother... I feel so old -_-''
we usually will meet up once in a month but depends on our availibility..
so yesterday I was talking to them via whatsapp & wechat

she just finished her exam yesterday...  I'm not that close to her..
but hopin that will change... (dah tua2 ni kena matang sket)
she is a great friend... lots of emotion goin...
she got blog as well... go check

nothing much to say about her but she is very hardworking.
part time student as well.

she recently just started wearing hijab.
mashaAllah I'm just so happy for her.
she is so cheerful & happy.
love being around her...

full time student. very active in he uni.
she is now at langkawi.
waaaaa! chocolate heaven!

a newly wed.

Sayla (the one in yellow)
student as well.

thats all for now.. I just miss them so much... after becoming mother I don't really have time to go out & chill with them... kinda sad really but its a small sacrifice I have to make for my family... whatever it is we will be friends till the end.... In shaa Allah...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^


  1. salam,
    ninazee thank you for the shawls ye.. tekejut plak tetiba sampai parcel.. hahaha.... cantik shawl tu.. nanti ada baju matching leh lah pakai ;)

    1. ohemgeeee! sis filla singgah blog niii... terharuuuu... ^_^v


tq mucho! ^_^v