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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pregnancy blues


hye people! Happy Tuesday, well not so happy for me...
Ive been experiencing major headache few days back...
I think my head is goin to explode or smtg.. @_@
honestly I am very very tired... MashaAllah....
my routine everyday,weekays I mean...
wake up in the morning, get ready for work,work for 9 hours,
then come back, if we r lucky enough no jam, reach home, clean myself then sit for awhile play with Dinah, then off to bed... Dinah usually will wake up 2/3 times in the middle of the night for diaper changing & milk... phew! I'm not complaining of anytg like that, I know its my duty as a mother... but mashaAllah trust me it is tiring... compare to the time when I was pregnant with Dinah I wasn't working & my pregnancy was Alhamdulillah great...
There was no problem..

well like people said different pregnancy different story...
so this time it is different...
I am working & its double tiring, before this I can just 'lepak' at home take a nap... Now if I feel asleep at office mmg akan bernafas dgn kuat so bein the self-concious me of cuz I won't let that happen...
Talking about my appetite, its not consistent.. I would eat a lot at times & refuse to eat at all sometimes... Like last night I was too tired due to walking I think so I went home & slept at 930pm...
woke up at 3am & feeling super hungry!!! so had to heat the rice & eat... MashaAllah....

Actually I wanted to talk about 'Pregnancy Depression'
I'm trying to deny this issue since I 1st know I am pregnant...
But the symptoms showed me the other way round...
Gosh! how to deal with it really?
knowing I am the type who would keep it to myself rather than talk to anyone... But if its too unduly stressed I would just burst... which is not very good...

let me share lists of Pregnancy Depression symptoms
- Feeling restless or moody
- Feeling sad, hopeless or overwhelmed
- Crying a lot
- Having no energy or motivation
- Eating too little or too much
- Sleeping too little or too much
- Having trouble focusing or
making decision
- Having memory problem
- Feeling worthless & guilty
- Losing interest or pleasure in
activities you used to enjoy
- Withdrawing from friends &
- Having headache, aches & pains
or stomach problems that don't
go away

According to this list, I do experience all this... :'( mashaAllah... May Allah protect me & my baby...
Honestly its not good to have this depression cause it will effect the baby as well... the baby might be under weight or even pre matured...
Ya Allah please heal this depression of mine, I am trying hard to control it...
I don't want anytg bad to happen to my baby...

pray for my family murah rezeki k? tq. ^_^

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