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Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly check up & glucose water

Salaam... Happy fridayyyy peeps! Esk cuti! Esk cuti!! Bestnyeeeee!! Bole relaks sket bole tdow lama sket... Oooohoiiiiiiii! Just now went to clinic for my weekly check up & mgtt... Woke up at 630am, then rush to kk ampang. But they were close until end of oct.. Grrr... So had to go all the way to jalan watan for check up...haih...
Managed to get my num.. 44.. Still gt lotsa ppl waiting so I assume its gonna take awhile... Hubs was sitting next to me when a nurse came & asked him to wait downstairs.. I still dun understand y cant he stay? Ramai jgk other guys yg tggu with their wives...
Ok la takpe, sedih ok kena dduk sorg2...poyo sgt kn? Watever...
Waited around 30min they called my name & gave me this cylinder thingy for my blood later... Yikes!
Then they took my blood, nasib urat timbul senang nk cucuk..phew! I saw the other woman, her veins was barely visible so the nurse had to put the needle deep inside!!! Pengsan!
After that we move to drinking the yucky glucose water, sat there & drink.. Its superrrrrrr sweet man! Literally taste like sugar... Blergh... Demimu anak... Haih...
After drinking that I had to wait 2 hours for another blood to be taken... So I went downstairs for my weekly check up..
No queue thank god! After weighing, urine test they  check position of lil ninja.. To my suprise lil ninja head was not in its right place or they usually call it 'breech' my heart almost stop when I heard that mashaAllah... But the nurse said its still early & not to worry... Then I had to wait for the doc to call me for scanning... I cant see lil ninja's face, & yes it is confirm breech :'( may Allah protect my baby...
I'm very worry.. I goggled then my breech style is  TRANSVERSE which is sideway breech ....
Pls do pray for me & my baby to be safe...:'(
Thank u in advance...
After the check up I went up again for the 2nd blood taking procedur...
My experience on glucose water? It was not tht bad...

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