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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Contest Beautiful Eyes by Tennielicious

hallluuuuu allz! heheheh~ contest again darlings...... this contest is brought to u by 
miss Waniemiss Tenten....

"Contest Beautiful Eyes by Tennielicious"

this is d banner... ^_^v

so i've got few pic to paste here.......

a lil bit of eyes i must say...heeeee~

as usual, i have to tag 5 peeps...


  1. hey..hey..hyeee....ngee~~~thnx join contest kami..
    cntek mate...pki lens yer..?
    hehe...anyway..cik wanie n cik tenten wish u gud luck..
    tgguu cik tenten jenguk pula yer..ngee~~

  2. thanks for taging me...
    nanti kalau OE ada masa, OE buat k...
    hehhehe... OE cuma ada masa jalan2 je sekarang nie... hehhee... (n_n)

  3. hye .canteknyer mate . . jom join CONTEST I LOVE MY EYES dri cik ieja plak . . . join jgn xjoin !


tq mucho! ^_^v