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Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love My Blog contest

familiar kan title neyh?
yahp! this is also contest by miss Yuyu Zulaikha.....
2 categories.... "I Love My Self" & "I Love My Blog"
so i decided na join both....mane twu rezeki kan?
kowt menang dua2 alhamdulillah....if menang satu pown thank you Allah... :)
ta try tatawu yer kan?

pape pown, why do I love my blog?

I love my blog cuz i'm the type who luvvvvvv to talk....i chud talk for hours...hehe.. so blog is like a alternative of talking to huh?
I love my blog cuz i can say anything here.... i can let my feeling out...sometimes not everything we chud juz talk to people....sometimes it is better for us to keep it within my way of letting it out is Blog...
i luvvvv writing... before2 i used to write on papers....old fashion style.... but them some of things that i wrote went missing....then i get to know Blogspot....juz lyke a luv story....we met we get to know each other then we felt in luv & lastly we got addicted to each other...haha! what a story...

my Blog goes by the name of "I've Got My Style" i started writing back in 27th of August 2009...
till today i've written quite a lot...used to be private but now it is open for evryone.....not to show off or anything lyke that juz to share my activities,my experience & my thought about things.....
oukayh, honestly how did i start writing this blog is pretty much sad....
my broke up year....anyhow i manage to get over it....with the help of my e-diary @ blog.. :)

& also with this blog i can join lots & lots of contest.... :)
see? so many advantages if u own a blog... 
so that is so & so y I Love My Blog ^_^v

na tag 3 peeps bleyh? 

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