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Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love My Self contest

contest lagy u ollz! heeeeeeee~
this time contest by miss Yuyu Zulaikha...very petite gurl with pretty face...
the name of the contest is "I Love My Self"

oukayh, y do i luvvvvvv myself? easy! bcuz i am me always will be....
no other people can be an individual every one is unique...
my name is Anyra, commercial name? Nina Zee.. ^_^v
i am 23 years old(actually not yet tp da ta sabar na tua.....buleyh???)
y do i luvvv myself?
i dun have any choice do i? ryte? i have to lyke myself...other people won't...
i mean no offence but even  ur soulmate, ur huuby/ur wifey can't luv urself lyke d way u luv urself ,dun u think so?

anyway,here is a bit here there about me:

  • i'm strict at times
  • very emotional(depends on situation)
  • can be crazy & wacky sometimes @_@
  • luvvv wedges but does not wear dem frequently
  • luvvvv to eat but afraid to get fat.. :p
  • enjoy dancing but dunnoe how to...
  • enjoy singing but tend to ruin the song instead (lol!)
  • luvvvv shopping! duhhhhh
  • hate pink befor but now m crazeeeeeee over it!
  • fav num is 27
  • luvvvv buks but not a nerd
whatever i lyke whoever i'm with i'm still me.... no one can ever change the way i m.....
i'm unique
i'm extraordinary
i'm not pretty but i'm beauty
i hate "fitnahterz" (is ther such words?)
i'm a superwoman 
i'm friendly if u really know me...

my feebleness complete my matter what people say or think about me...
i'm proud to be me...whatever i feel only myself know...
I Love Myself even if u don't! ^_^v

oukayh, gurls & guys if u ollz teringin na join contest neyh sile rajin2 kan diri jenguk blog neyh

join larh ta rugi pape pown :) c ya beautiful people!

upsy! b4 lupe na tag few peeps.....

Baby, Ana, Biela....


  1. wow....superb lah..hahah....dah boleh menang nie..hehehe.... ;)

  2. mane ad...hehe...urs lagy besh ouh :)


tq mucho! ^_^v