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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Action speaks louder than words

kadang-kadang kita lupa apa yang kita buat beri kesan pada orang sekeliling...
popular quote "Action speaks louder than Words"
ever come across that? i'm sure u did...
whatever the case is we don't have right to make other people's life miserable....
despite this quote " ur life will be miserable only when u let it"
its bullshit sometimes....
tak boleh guna pakai.... cuz no matter how hard u try to avoid bein miserable because of other people u tend to fail... why? I'll tell u why...

"Family, Friends, Mate & people that u care about"

if these people does something bad or say something it will hurt u in every ways...

don't deny please....
its true ryte?

u just have to deal with it... people make mistake...
shitty mistake..... ada aku kesah???
of course silly! m ur family, ur fren, ur neighbour.... watever title that u carry...

stop hurting me....begging u....

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