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Monday, June 6, 2011


1. Are u currently in a r/ship?
* Yes ^_^

2. have u ever been given a rose?
* definitely :)

3.what is ur all time fav romance muvie?
* hummmm..... none?

4. wats d last words tht u think its a joke?
* ouh shit i dunnoe??

5. do u believe in soulmate
* certainly YES :)

6. wat is ur current problem?
* food!

7. have u ever had ur heartbroken?
* duhhhh! of cuz!

8. have u ever been in a long distance/ online r/ship?
* been there done that....LAME!!!

9.have u ever lyke ur fren more than just fren?

10. do u wanna spend ur life with d person ure with nw?
*Yes yes yes!

11. how many kids u want?
* as much as i can if permitted by HIM... in fact m having 1 nw....

12. wats ur fav colour?
* pink,blue....any colour tht suit myself

13. ur celebrity crush?
* Vin Diesel *wink

14. u r 80 & ur spouse just died...will u remarried?
* nope

15. song on ur wedding?
* I Love You by Celine

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