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Monday, June 6, 2011

yesterday :)

hallllluuuuu.....evening evry1 ^_^v
yesterday was very interesting...hehe...
actually me & hubby went to lowyat to check out his monitor cuz d old 1 retired ady...
since saturday he can't even sleep thinkin about monitor... haih, see? guys & gadget....
sokayh larh anyhow not always.... me my self were xcited abt it...hehe...

after goin to few shops all over  lowyat we found d one he wants with very reasonable price 
so we settled for that brand....

after d loooooooong search we both hd our dinner at Papa John's

the dip ( tomato puree, cheese, jalapeƱo pickle)

cheesebread... dip it with cheese....nyummy!!!!

we ordered half-half pizza
pepperoni  & super papa chicken

super papa's chicken

this is holllllyyyyyyyy! mushroom chicken pizza pocket...


at 1st i thot this place will be costly but actually its affordable....

lastly, US ^_^v

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