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Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby ^_^ (part 1)

Happy Birthday Baby!!!! ^_^
for my dearest 1 &only hubby....

yesterday was my hubby's bornday i was sooooo damn excited been planning d day since a month ago...
nuthin extravagance but juz a lil smtg fo him to remember....
so happy to see him smiling all day....
so i took him to 1 Utama....
actually thinkin of goin to Cineleisure but then no sign of d muvie "insidious" @ cathy....
tough luck!
same goes to 1 Utama... d cinema(GSC) was hell full of ppl!!!! & the TGV is under construction...
in the end we just leisure around...

then i was hungry so we stopped by Kenny Rogers to have our breakfast tea & lunch...


yummy muffin!

tangy chicken spaghetti

hehe....birthday boy ^_^

eat eat eat!!!

d chicken was nice....gravy was thick....

after fin eating he wanted to jln2 @ cineleisure cuz tapena pegy so we went.....

we had our dessert!

 New Zealand Natural 3 scoops ice cream

Choc ecstasy, Walnut Butterscotch, White Choc raspberry 

see? muka org xcited cuz bday dye...heheh..
 haaa....then na twu ta bday gift dye ap??

tadaaaa! Chevrolet Camaro sebiji!
Happy Birthday busuk.... suke ta present u????
heheh...idok ler...ta mampu na beli hadiah mahal2 camtu...
stakat kete mainan bleyh larh

my car???

actually kat ! utama ad transformer ex...
kete tu bumblebee larh...

after jln2 cik abg neyh nmpak mesin neyh so teringin na try kite ikowt kan jela eyh...

lastly tgk larh pic kami yg makin mengembang ini....

P/s  : thank you for readin :)

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